Team Category: Social Protection

Nandan Londhe

A Senior Associate working for the Social Protection vertical at Swaniti.

Naveen kumar

Naveen’s academic journey started with the inclination towards learning management, however, it quickly shifted to understand the overall macro scenario of our economy.

Ritwik Gupta

Ritwik works as an Analyst with the Climate & Sustainability vertical at Swaniti

Jayshree Ishwar Sapkale

Professionally, I work on rural development and I have 6 years of work experience.

Ragini Giri

I am Ragini Giri,and i work in social protection West Bengal Tea Estate Garden Projects in Darjeeling.

Shruti Vasudevan

Shruti Vasudevan has completed two degrees in economics before joining Swaniti Initiative.

Vicky Yadav

I have been working in the development and environmental management sector for the past 3+ years.

Megnath Chakma

MA in Development Studies, IIT Guwahati, Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship |Rajasthan SRLM| Rural Livelihoods

Sujay Pan

Sujay Pan is a senior data and policy analyst at Swaniti Initiative

Raunak Roy

A graduate of law from Osmania University, Raunak has pursued his post-graduation in Forestry Management & Livelihood Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM).