Civic Entrepreneurs In Action

We collaborate with civic entrepreneurs and community-based organizations to help them transform under-served communities and multiply hands in nation-building

Swaniti Model

Institutional reform through policy inputs

Governance reform through technical advisory

Citizen Feedback through Technology Solutions

Catalyst Program

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Building Change Makers

Change Makers transforming their own communities

Through our experience of working with communities since one decade, it has been realized that development challenges at the community level are highly contextual. Through various projects, we support the local government administration in designing contextualized solutions and strategies. But Swaniti Initiative selects changemakers from amongst the community members, supports them to build capacity to deal with the issues and provides them with stipend. The changemakers are those community members who are decently educated, unemployed and willing to work for the development of their own community. Each Community Changemaker covers 50-100 households, conducting surveys and providing qualitative feedback. With a problem-solving approach, these community changemakers work across sectors to ensure the timely delivery of social security, pensions, scholarships, and more. To work efficiently, they receive training to coordinate with the administration and address household issues as well.

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Collaborating Social Enterprises

Social enterprises addressing community issues

The network of social enterprises, civil society organization and individual change makers is an essential component to design competent solutions. Swaniti has been funding organizations which work in four verticals – Social Protection, Rural Livelihood & Governance, and Policy Engagement. We have supported the Apna app which is revolutionizing unskilled labor and market connect. We have provided multi layered support to community based organizations like Janarth Adivasi Vikas Sanstha and Yuva Rural Association.

Our project with JAVS

Janarth Adivasi Vikas Sanstha works with Swaniti in Nandurbar to understand the challenges faced by migrant textile, brick kiln, and agricultural laborers in the district. The collaboration involves baseline study, supporting the government in improving service delivery, and strengthening scheme delivery in inaccessible areas among excluded and marginalized communities.

Our project with YRA

Yuva Rural Association works with Swaniti Maharashtra team in strengthening social protection for unorganised workers in three districts – Chandrapur, Nagpur, and Amravati. Understanding the grievances of seasonal migrant workers in agriculture, brick kilns, industries, among other sectors; supporting the government in strengthening livelihood enhancement and income generation, and improving overall delivery of schemes and services are the main focus areas.

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