Technology in Governance

Making Good Data Lead to Better Decision Making

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Governance reform through technical advisory

Citizen Feedback through Technology Solutions

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Ank Aha is the tech partner of Swaniti Initiative. It is a team of scientists and engineers who design intelligent technology tools to transform data into actionable decisions. These ‘Gov-Tech’ tools are transforming governance by enhancing the scheme implementation strategy and increasing peoples’ participation in development planning.

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Technology in Governance


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Tools designed by AnkAha

Technology Tools For Public Service Delivery At The Last Mile

Jaano is a Mobile Application that helps people participate in local governance. At Jaano, a user can rate the services of a public institution, interact with local community problem solvers and get the most correct information about public schemes and services. This is also a platform where people can help each other to solve their problems and impact the potential of growth as a community.

Survey Manager is a Mobile Application that helps large-scale surveys by providing full control to customize as per the need. The user can Create, Manage, Execute, Locate and Analyze the survey in one place in the Survey Manager App.

Jaano India is a technology solution which tracks the development of all the parliamentary constituencies across the country. The tools gives a customised analysis of development indicators and helps public plan its decision in a better way. Jaano India platform can be utilised for development planning by common citizen, elected representatives and government officials.

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