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Sports Landscape and Policy in India

Introduction With the second largest population in the world, India should have no shortage of world-class athletes. In fact, it could logically be argued that India likely does have more world-class athletes than any other country – if only they had the means and opportunity, as well as the national infrastructure, to train in a […]

G-20: Origin, History and Evolution

Context  Why was G-20 conceptualized? Twenty-four years after the major economies (G-7) of the world formed a group to discuss and exchange ideas, the need to bridge a dialogue between developing and developed nations was realized. In 1999, Paul Martin (then Prime Minister of Canada) and Larry Summers (US deputy treasury secretary) realized the need […]

The Competition Commission of India vs. Big Tech

Technology policy and regulation in India have been rapidly evolving in recent years as policymakers and
corporate leaders grapple with complex issues on everything from social media to data protection to

Here’s why it’s important that India starts caring about data

Imagine you’ve to head out to an important appointment and you need to reach on time. You check Google Maps and it gives you an estimate of a hour