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UN IPCC Report 2022: Scope & Recommendations for India

Introduction The brutal heatwave stretching across much of South Asia continues to persist into its third month. After suffering through the hottest March across India in 122 years, the northwest and central regions of the country saw the same record fall again in April. Then on 1 May, Nawabshah, Pakistan set the highest recorded temperature […]

Health Insurance Systems: Assessing India and Various Countries

Healthcare spending accounted for 9.9% of world GDP in 2014 according to the World Bank. At the global level, healthcare spending by national governments as a proportion of their GDP stands at 5.84% as of 2015.

Universal Healthcare – Making it a Reality

Universal healthcare is one of the primary tools for public good. Access to healthcare in India remains far from universal and the funds committed to it show the grim picture.

A Century of Smart Cities

According to the Census 2011, the urban population in India grew by 31.8% as compared to 2001. About 31.2% of Indians now live in over 7,935 statutory/census towns, with the percentage of urban population being higher than the