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Uttar Pradesh: government schemes and socio-economic status of the state

This is the first entry in Swaniti’s two-part series on the socio-economic landscape of Uttar Pradesh, the government schemes being implemented to address key issues across the state, where gaps in service delivery exist and how they may be filled going forward. In this paper, we seek to develop an understanding of the socio-economic situation in the state, providing the foundation for a further examination of government schemes and service delivery gaps.

The Three Farm Bills

For long in India, the laws governing agriculture markets remains anarchic. The State has found reasons to overregulate the agriculture sector- regulating prices, banning exports, restricting private trade, regulating markets etc.

Roadmap to revive Andhra Economy

The socio-economic crisis precipitated by the fallout of COVID19 pandemic and the intermittent lockdown undertaken to contain the spread of the virus has adversely impacted millions of households, especially the vulnerable and deprived households.

Macro Policy impediments for women care in India

Women are the strong pillars of any vibrant society; whose empowerment is crucial to achieve an inclusive economic growth for the nation.

Analysis of Primary Sector Growth in Tripura

Agriculture is the bedrock of the Indian economy primarily because of the source of livelihood for about 58 per cent of India’s population.

Effective Management of public finances for state sponsored

On July 15th, 2019 Swaniti had the opportunity to present to 19 Andhra Pradesh Parliamentarians on issues of livelihood.

Streamlining Employment Data in India

Emerging economies are facing a considerable drop in their consumption and savings pattern worldwide (World Economic Outlook, 2017).

The State of Indian Economy

There has been a rapid growth in the economy for the last 4 years. This change has been due to the initiatives and determination of the current government.

Skilling Programmes in India

With more than 54% of its total population below the age of 25, India is undoubtedly one of the youngest countries in the world.