Start Up – Stand Up India

Report Overview:

  • The Start Up India, Stand Up India campaign was announced by Prime Minister Modi on 15th August, 2015. He mentioned that the most pressing need is to make the ecosystem more inclusive and youth friendly and called on each of the 1.25 lakh bank branches in India, to support at least one dalit or tribal, and at least one women entrepreneur.
  • As of now, women own less than 15% of the total enterprises in the MSME sector while Scheduled Tribes own less than 5% of the total enterprises.
  • The Fourth Census on MSMEs points out that only 5% of total enterprises availed credit from financial institutions. Nearly 93% relied on self finance or got no financial help at all.
  • The RBI report on Rehabilitation of Sick MSMEs states that 29% of MSMEs consider lack of infrastructure as a key constraint.