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Social Stock Exchange

– In September 2022, the Securities and Exchange Board of India came up with a framework for a Social Stock Exchange platform solely for non-profit organisations and for profit social enterprises with the intent of directing funds and capital towards these organisations. – The stock exchange platform in question will function under the existing market […]

How AP’s pivotal Rythu Bharosa scheme can benefit tenant farmers

AP has 35.7% tenant farmers, the second-highest in the country, and 65-80% of farming in the paddy dominant belts of the coastal districts is done by tenant farmers.

Tackling the economic challenges before Modi government 2.0

As a new government is voted back in power, there begins a transient shift in the Indian economy, growing in size, scale and inclusiveness for the next five years. In a time like it is imperative that the new government focuses its attention on some major themes with continued effort to strengthen the solutions at […]

Modi Govt’s 1000-day plan: Three sectors the government should focus on

After winning a huge victory in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, the NDA government is set to take the reins to govern India once again. Reports say that prime minister Modi, whose second term has been dubbed Modi 2.0, has already begun working on a 1000-day plan aimed at rolling out social welfare schemes […]

People who build our cities: The plight of construction workers in India

As per the government of India, the construction sector contributes to 9% of the GDP and employs 44 million workers, becoming the second largest employer in India in 2017. We also aim at making our construction market the third largest globally by 2025. Surprisingly, while it aims for greatness, the sector is also one where […]

Here’s why it’s important that India starts caring about data

Imagine you’ve to head out to an important appointment and you need to reach on time. You check Google Maps and it gives you an estimate of a hour to where you want to reach. Knowing that you estimated an hour and a half, the ride isn’t one riddled with anxiety. This is perhaps one […]

Shifting the battle to central India: Analyzing the NYAY scheme

Almost everyone in India is currently talking about NYAY. Playing on a hindi synonym for ‘justice’ the Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) scheme has evoked mixed responses from people and political parties across the aisle. From being cautiously optimistic to openly hostile, NYAY has undoubtedly gotten a reaction.  The flagship scheme announced by Congress in April […]

Breaking the waiting game: Technological tools for increasing access

Delay is a constant road block to development in India. It plagues almost every area of the life of a common man – whether it be getting permits, licenses, justice in courts and so on, and also impacts administration, governance and the effective implementation of development programmes. We, in India, have become used to waiting. […]

Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY): Bridging the perception gap

SAGY is an initiative by the Central Government of India in which honourable Members of Parliament adopt a Gram Panchayat and develop it into a model village or “Adarsh Gram.” As a SPARC (Supporting Parliamentarians in Analysis and Research in Constituency) Associate to honourable Member of Parliament Mr. Anurag Thakur from the parliamentary constituency of […]

DISHA- Putting Development on the right track

Do you remember the character Mushaddi Lal portrayed by the critically acclaimed actor Pankaj Kapoor in the famous TV series ‘Office Office’? The series took a dig at how government officials work and how projects and grievances of citizens keep moving around from one department to another via files. Having gone through similar experiences at […]