Housing for all by 2022

Report Overview:

The tangible and intangible impacts of secured housing are numerous and invaluable to both people and the local economy. India is experiencing a high rate of population growth with an increased more than 181 million (17.64%) during the decade 2001-2011. Moreover, with the rapid urbanization and changing socio-economic patterns, there is a significant increase in the housing shortage, especially for the poor and low-income households. The housing sector is considered to be the ‘engine of growth’, which has immense potential of giving a push to the economy because of its link with the construction sector impacting employment and livelihood. Therefore, provision of housing can make a significant difference in the economic well being of the low-income families, both in rural and urban areas.

Poverty alleviation efforts, through specific policy measures and programs, were first initiated in the 1970s and remain one of the most prominent goals of the Government till date. Affordable housing is central to such programmes and schemes. The two ministries, Ministry of Rural development and Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation initiate and facilitate housing related schemes in rural and urban areas respectively. In this context, the Central Government has launched the ‘Housing for All by 2022’ Mission on June 25th 2015, to provide “pucca” house for each family by 2022.