Author: Anshuman Didwania

The Smaller Things in Life

By Geeta Ramakrishnan After a long winding journey all the way from Bombay, I finally landed right into the lap of nature! Hamirpur, where the people are as soft and pleasant as the winds, is a quaint little town in the country’s Himalayan state.  Here education is a passion and government jobs a coveted ambition. The […]

Changing of the Guards

By Anshuman Didwania The City of Joy welcomed us into West Bengal with its blistering fury. In the evening hullaballoo of Park Street, the quaint sights of Kalighat and the unpredictable sounds of Entally, we discovered nostalgia and novelty in equal proportions. Veiled by ceaseless activity and vocal exuberance, nothing seems amiss here. In the captivating […]