India’s Shift Away from Coal and Gas:
Beginning a Renewable Journey


India has witnessed a 189% growth in the total installed power capacity over the 20 year period from 1992 to 2012. Interestingly, the most impressive growth is witnessed in installed power capacity of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)#. Even with this growth renewable energy accounts for only 12.14% of India’s total installed power capacity. Furthermore, India has only tapped in to 12.71% of the total potential of the renewable energy. | Click Here for interactive data

5th rank across the globe in Electricity Production and 6th in Renewable Energy production

60.11% of India’s total installed capacity comes from coal-powered plants

5 times increase in renewable energy targeted by 2022; major thrust on solar energy

* Installed Power Capacity as of 28.02.2015. For the rest of the years, data indicates installed power capacity as of 31st March of that year.
 # RES also includes hydro power plants with installed capacity less than or equal to 25 MW

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