NSDP Per Capita

The net domestic product equals gross domestic product minus depreciation. Depicted below is the value of Net Domestic Products of Indian States for the year 2012-13.

Current Scenario


Macroeconomic Indicators
Net State Domestic Product (per capita)
Agriculture Net State Domestic Product (per capita)
Industry Net State Domestic Product (per capita)
Services Net State Domestic Product (per capita)
Financial Inclusion
Households Availing Banking Services
Employment/Skill Development
Labour Force Participation Rate
Workforce Participation Rate
Unemployment Rate
Additional State Wise 14th Finance Commission transfers


Crude Birth Rate - 2012
Crude Birth Rate - 2012
IMR - 2012


School Density - Primary
School Density - Upper Primary
Schools with SMC
Schools with Computer facility
Schools with Playground
Schools with Library
Schools with Electricity Connection
Schools Dropouts : I-V
Schools Dropouts : VI-VIII
Schools Dropouts : I-VIII