Women Parliamentarians have more responsibility today

  • In 1967, when India’s 4th Lok Sabha was elected to Parliament, there were 33 women MPs. In 2014, the 16th Lok Sabha has elected 66 women MPs – 62 in the 2014 elections, and 4 more through bye-elections.
  • In 1967 for every 1 woman MP there were 1 crore female citizens. In 2014, that ratio had grown to 1 woman MP for every 10 crore female citizens.
  • To achieve the 33 percent mark as recommended by the Women’s Reservation Bill, we would need 179 women parliamentarians, as compared to the 66 women MPs we have in Lok Sabha today.
  • The 66 women MPs of the 16th Lok Sabhaspan 15 political parties with – BJP and All India Trinamool Congress having the highest number of women Parliamentarians – 32 and 12 respectively.

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