The Renewable Power Journey in India



Report Overview:

  • India has the fifth- largest power generation portfolio worldwide with an installed capacity of 263,665.71 MW as of February 2015. The share of power generation from renewable energy sources in India’s total installed power capacity stands at 13.02%
  • The prominent renewable energy sources in India include solar, wind, waste-to-energy, bio-energy and small hydro power. Government of India has set an ambitious target of installing 1,75,000 MW of RE by 2022.
  • The country has vast untapped resources of renewable energy and according to the India Renewable Energy Status Report 2014, the total renewable energy potential from various sources in India is 2,49,188 MW which implies that only 12.71% of the potential has been achieved.
  • Tapping this abundant potential would help power rural and isolated areas, generate livelihoods, empower rural and urban communities, address energy security and energy needs of the country in a sustainable and clean manner.