Self-Help Groups – Empowering Women



Report Overview:

  • According to the 2002 Census Survey, while 74.8 percent of women in India are agricultural workers in rural India only 9.3 percent of them are landholders. Women in India have a limited economic opportunity with over eighty percent of the informal economy/vulnerable jobs taken on by them.
  • According to World Bank studies, investing in employing a woman often yields to better returns to the family than men.
  • In 1991, Self-Help Groups rose to prominence in India with NABARD promoting SHG’s on a large scale and RBI allowing them to open a savings account. Today SHG’s are thriving across India, especially amongst women.
  • In Swaniti’s experience, there is often a preferred sentiment for SHG’s. Therefore, this brief has been prepared with the expectation of being used to develop SHGs.
  • The objective of this brief to identify solutions on how to make women economically empowered by encouraging Self-Help Groups