Air Pollution in India


Report Overview:

  • Today, air pollution has emerged as a global public health problem, accounting for 3.7 million deaths in 2012
  • In recent years, air pollution has acquired critical dimensions in most Indian cities, putting people at additional risk of respiratory diseases and other health problems
  • A recent study by Yale and Columbia University ranked India 126th out of 132 countries surveyed on environmental performance and worst air pollution; far below all BRICS nations
  • Recent efforts such as the launch of National Air Quality Index point to the need for enhancing public awareness on the quality of air they are breathing
  • A shift towards renewable energy is part of the plan to reduce dependency on fossil fuels as well as provide clean energy to households, which are currently using kerosene for lighting purposes
  • It is important that a comprehensive, integrated and long-term plan of action, involving coordination between different ministries and departments, is drawn to address the issue, reduce air pollution and ensure that citizens breathe clean air