A Century of Smart Cities – A Primer on the Government of India’s Smart Cities Mission

Report Overview:

  • According to the Census 2011, 31.16% of India lives in urban units, accounting for approximately one-third of the country’s population and the growth rate of population in urban areas was 31.80% during the 10 year period 2001 – 2011.
  • On June 25th, 2015 the Government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) with the intention of addressing urban needs and challenges, where a ‘bottom-up model’ of city development is promoted through active local participation.
  • Under the SCM, 100 Smart Cities will be developed across the country with a total central government investment of INR 48,000 crores over a 5 year period from FY 2015-16 to FY 2019-20. These cities will be selected through a competition where they will be judged across various parameters.