Cold Storage Facilities

Improving Agricultural Incomes of Farmers through better storage

Setting up Cold Storage Facilities in Jadavpur, West Bengal


More than 90% of the farmers in Baruipurare are small and marginal farmers. These farmers sold their produce in the local market or to middlemen in the area, realising very low prices.  Around 25,000-30,000 small and marginal farmers in the block had no access to cold chain facilities. In absence of cold storage facilities, these farmers often engaged in post-harvest distress selling.


The Swaniti team facilitated the setting up of mini cold storages (cold rooms or cold chambers) with a capacity of 15-50 MT, to enable farmers to store their produce and sell it at a good price. These cold rooms were handed over to Gram Panchayats, which were made responsible for running and maintaining the asset. The aim of this project was to protect the interest of the farmers and to promote community ownership.


500 farmers directly benefitted. The wastage of fruits and vegetables came down by 8- 10% and access to cold storage facilities provided farmers with additional bargaining power. This helped them earn a price 10-15% higher than what they were previously earning.