After School Programmes

Improving School-to-Work Transition Rate in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Improving School-to-Work Transition Rate in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh


The enrolment ratios at school and college levels in Hamuirpur are significantly higher than the rest of the country. However, this has not translated into an improvement in skill levels of the workforce. The team found that poorly designed curricula and lack of innovative teaching tools were an important factor behind this situation. In many schools, curricula are designed in Hindi till Std X, after which there was an abrupt switch to English. The curriculum was found to be outdated in many cases with no focus on life skills.


Swaniti collaborated with NGOs to develop an after-school programme to improve learning levels. The team created interesting pedagogic tools, with an aim to make learning more interesting and effective for students. Swaniti also helped schools to organize visits to local factories to provide them an exposure to shop floor work. In addition, Swaniti proposed a programme to evolve an assessment system to gauge learning outcomes among primary school students, and develop a tutoring/mentoring programme for students.


After-school programmes were initiated in 3 schools, while the assessment programme was initiated in 4 schools. These programmes impacted around 500 students overall.