Water Quality Assessment

Kairana, Uttar Pradesh


As per the data available from the National Water Quality Database (MIS for National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP), there are 7 habitations in the district of Shamli with a higher level of Iron and 8 habitations with a pH level above the permissible limit. Thus, it was important to identify and assess the water quality in the region.


A one of a kind study was facilitated by Swaniti. A team comprising of experts from the People’s Science Institute, Dehradun, led by Dr. Anil Gautam, undertook a 2-day visit to Kairana. They tested the water quality in 6 villages in the constituency, collected water samples from the ‘affected’ areas and performed quality tests on the collected water samples.


The study revealed a genuine water quality problem in the region. The causes emerged as being due to pesticides, excess iron, industrial effluents and bacterialogicial contamination.

Recommendations on each of these problems was given by the team.