Powering Development 

Report Overview:

With electricity playing a crucial role in sustaining the high growth rates of the Indian economy, the sector continues to be a priority area. Electricity can also play a major role in boosting the growth in the agriculture sector by enabling more efficient irrigation and refrigerated supply chains. Electricity is also a comparatively cleaner and healthier source of lighting in the households.Over the last few decades, India has taken major strides in developing and reforming its power sector. However, meeting the energy needs of the large aspirational population spread over a large geography and a growing industrial sector requires renewed focus on augmenting the existing capacities. Furthermore, greater participation of private sector combined with a robust regulatory mechanism to ensure an equitable access to uninterrupted quality power supply is necessary. The peculiar energy landscape of India also presents a unique set of issues and possibilities which need to be addressed to achieve the vision of “Quality Power for All”. This brief provides an overview of the sector and associated issues.