Looking for Engagement Associate aka on-the-ground Hero!

The Swaniti Engagement Associate is the “on-the-ground Hero.”

The Swaniti Engagement Associate will be working on Engagements in the state of Andhra Pradesh to further the mission of Swaniti and work with Parliamentarians to deliver development solutions to the base of the pyramid. The Engagement Associate will be responsible for working toward strengthening governance systems and tools and ensuring that development is delivered to those at the base of the pyramid. The role reports directly to the Swaniti Engagement Lead and will be expected to work closely with the existing team members. 

Roles and Responsibilities

The role requires at least a 12 months commitment with the option of being a career track professional at Swaniti.

The Engagement Associates core functions and responsibilities include:

  • Work with Member(s) of Parliament in Andhra Pradesh on Engagements by addressing the problem, designing the solutions, mobilizing resources and launching a program. Engagements require travel to the constituency and the ability to be a solution provider. Engagements are pursued under the close supervision of the Engagement Lead.
  • Support in conducting research for the purpose of providing knowledge insight to those elected officials. Research will consist of exploring primary and secondary sources with the intent of preparing briefs, mailers, programmatic insights etc. All research products are developed under the supervision of the Program Lead.
  • Lead any outreach/media efforts, as required by the Swaniti Team.
  • Support Swaniti as deemed appropriate by the Engagement Manager.

Desired Skills and Experience:

The successful candidate will have a demonstrated track record of being a “problem solver” in either the private or public sector, i.e. S/he will have had significant previous experience of initiating and/or leading programs that have yielded significant impact. S/he will be expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to governance through their existing knowledge of the space. The ideal capacity will have proven capabilities in using communication to achieve program deliver goals.

The candidate should also have the following qualification:

  • At least 1 year of active work experience in the public or private sector (part-time work experience is not considered).
  • Undergraduate degree in engineering, economics, political science or any other fields related to governance. Those with advanced degree given preference.
  • Strong knowledge of government policies and initiatives.
  • Strong knowledge of governance mechanisms. Those with experiences of working with government entities given preference.
  • Experience in initiating, developing and/or launching programs in any field strongly preferred.
  • Experience in related to management and execution of programs (in development and non-development field).
  • Ability to work with passion, commitment and dedication as a part of a larger team working to strengthen governance.
  • Strong writing and verbal skills that demonstrates clear and linear thinking about problem solving.
  • Fluency in Telugu and English.
  • Exceptional relationship management skills, especially in working with experienced leaders like Members of Parliament.
  • Willingness to travel extensively across India.
  • A positive attitude toward work.

If you are interested in joining the Swaniti team please send your cover letter and CV to swaniti@swaniti.in.