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Job summary:

Swaniti Initiative is looking for an experienced, passionate, self-driven and qualified individual who is eager to lead multilateral policy projects and curate engagement with policy makers to support them in parliamentary processes. The individual will be expected to manage partnerships and lead a team of analysts and associates. The position provides a tremendous opportunities in leadership opportunities in policy processes like advocacy, research and piloting initiatives across diverse sectors in partnership with multinational partners and parliamentary bodies of India.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Management:

  • Lead programs that focus on delivery of public services with key focus Parliamentarian engagement.
  • Manage 4-8 member teams, which would include delegating responsibilities, ensuring delivery of program and managing key partner relationships.
  • Plan, conduct and facilitate policy consultation meetings with parliamentarians, bureaucrats, partners, civil society leaders and additional policy makers.
  • Develop research briefs and other pertinent written materials.
  • Maintain strong communication channels with all relevant partners and stakeholders within Swaniti and externally.
  • Keep in sync with the top management to ensure the growth of the team
  • Track systemic changes and design initiatives which may fix the gaps in policy making processes

Stakeholder Management and Relationship Building:

  • Engage with multinational partners for effective execution of projects pertaining to important issues
  • Establish consistent communication network with policy makers
  • Engage with potential partners and represent the organisation at various platforms


  • Ensure the publication of policy briefs for the parliamentarians and other stakeholders
  • Developing insight papers on flagship policy programs of state and central government
  • Developing proposals, project charters, policy memos, Gantt charts, project activities and program trackers.
  • Getting the periodic reports on the development of projects developed


  • Bring in passion and commitment to the governance space and working with legislators
  • As a leader, embody problem solving approach in working with teams and colleagues
  • Embrace and exude a positive approach toward learning, growing and taking on feedback.
  • Recognize the importance of teams and working together

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Masters in subjects like Public Policy, Governance, Development Studies, Economics etc.
  • At Least 6 years of total work experience with minimum 2 years spent in projects which may have required partner management and team management
  • Established experience in team management (preference given to those working with teams in the national or international governments)
  • Preference given to those who have previously worked with Parliamentarians or state legislators
  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities in English.
  • Positive attitude and commitment to social good is mandatory.

Skills required: 

  • Team Management
  • Systemic thinking ability
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Problem Solving attitude
  • Keen observing ability
  • Strategic planning ability
  • Proficiency in MS office and basic IT tools

Location: New Delhi

Remuneration: Commensurate to relevant experience and market standard

Last date to apply: 5th April 2021


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Who we are?

We are a smallish team of problem solvers who want to solve the most difficult problems in India by leveraging technology. It is exciting to see change created at scale supported by our efforts. If you get goosebumps by thinking about being part of a fast-paced technology team spearheading change at the grass roots in India, it’s time for us to meet. You can bring your tech skills to be part of this change. Come join us in this journey!

What do we do?

Ank Aha and Swaniti are working with a number of states and central government bodies to bring tangible change in administration’s ability to utilize data in making policy decisions for development. It has published mobile apps, data dashboards and visualizations to achieve its goals. We are using the latest technologies and tools to build new products and it continues to explore new avenues to make governance more effective!

Who are we looking for?

We need a bright, talented engineer who is excited about the potential and have ambitions to genuinely change India. This role is perfect for some one who is interested in building new systems for the country. You will work on projects that are targeted to make an impact on the society by informing and educating the citizens and policy makers with the development and policy tools to catalyze change. Your projects will also create change at regional levels with field technology solution across different Indian states.

We have aggressive growth goals, so the ability to think through problems is really important. You will be challenged to push the limits of your respective domain. You should be passionate about mobile and the opportunities it offers; imaginative about where you see big-data, analytics, mobile and wearables are heading and should be excited about delivering the highest quality interactive experiences anywhere in the world.

We like our team to be comfortable with a wide range of technologies, be able to pick up new ones easily and also eager to suggest new ideas based on understanding of our current work.


  • Acquire, Process, Clean, and Manage unstructured data to prepare it for use.
  • Prepare and implement algorithms to enable the system to learn from data.
  • Communicate with various stakeholders with actionable insights using data.
  • Improve user-level personalization to increase and optimize customer experiences.


  • At least 2 years of active work experience in the public or private sector with a role dealing directly with data cleaning, analysis and visualizations.
  • Minimum 1-year of practical experience with Python and SQL. R would be advantageous to have.
  • Ability to commuicate in English and Hindi both in written and verbal



  • Problem solving
  • Systemic thinking
  • Tech-savvy
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership


  • Knowledge regarding government policies, and schemes
  • Ability to write complex Macros in Excel.

Remuneration: Commensurate to relevant experience and market standard

Location: Remotely Operating due to COVID

Deadline: 5th April 2021*

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*Selection on rolling basis

General Recruitment – 2021

We are looking for a passionate and visionary professionals who are keen on working closely with the government in catalyzing large scale change by finding solutions for some of the most challenging problems of India. The chosen team members shall work on various projects and will be expected to contribute through research, project design and implementation and monitoring of initiatives in independant and multistakeholder projects. The experience of working with state and central government will be a sigificant advantage.

Projects will be focused towards following issues:

  • Air Quality Improvement – Policy Research and Advocacy
  • Social Protections for Migrant Workers – Policy Research and Advocacy
  • Green Economy – Project Management
  • State Level Consultancy – Multi-sectoral projects
  • Engagement With Law makers – Policy Research and Outreach

Position: Levels, Basic eligiblity criteria and Availability:

Team Lead/State Project Manager:

 3+ Years of relevant experience along with Master’s degree in subjects like Environment/Labor studies/Economics/Public Policy or other alike subjects

Availability of positions: 5+


2 Years of relevant experience along with Master’s degree in subjects like Environment/Labor studies/Economics/Public Policy or other alike subjects; or

3 Years of relevant experience along with Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Environment/Labor studies/Economics/Public Policy or other alike subjects

Availability of positions: 15+


1 year of experience along with Master’s degree in subjects like Environment/Labor studies/Economics/Public Policy or other alike subjects; or

3 Years of relevant experience along with Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Environment/Labor studies/Economics/Public Policy or other alike subjects

Availability of positions: 20+

States in which positions will be based in:

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Jharkhand
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Chattisgarh
  • Haryana

Selection will be on rolling basis.

First Deadline: 28th February 2021

Second Deadline: 15th March 2021

Final Deadline: 30th March 2021

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About Andhra Pradesh Social Development Project:

Swaniti Initiative in collaboration with the Government of Andhra Pradesh aims to strengthen and implement the evidence-based conceptualization, convergence and implementation of policies and programs to ensure the holistic and inclusive development of the most under-served sections of the population.

Job Summary:

Swaniti Initiative is looking for a passionate, driven, and experienced professional, who is eager to contribute to government systems by managing project activities on need assessment, facilitating the alignment of policy decisions, leading networking with relevant stakeholders and following-up with the allied departments of the Government of Andhra Pradesh with respect to the same. The Project Manager (PM) will be acting as a catalyst among several departments of the administration and the community, coordinating with the State Project Manager (SPM) of Swaniti Initiative. The position provides a tremendous opportunity to get exposure to multiple domains and development sectors in partnership with the state government.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Evidence Gathering, Synthesis and presentation :

  • The PM is expected to oversee the processes like development of draft internal review papers and policy outreach materials summarizing evidence from field research
  • To represent the team at relevant policy review meetings at different levels of the government in coordination with relevant stakeholders, to present findings and evidence from the field research Stakeholder Management and Relationship Building.
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with strategic authorities at the state headquarters like the secretaries of the departments, commissioners of the allied departments , directors, and project officers at the district level.
  • Establish consistent communication networks with each of these stakeholders for immediate course correction measures.
  • Cross-vertical collaboration: Initiate and participate in cross-vertical collaboration opportunities across various departments in the State machinery such as providing systematic support to an ongoing research project etc. Institutionalize Systemic changes.
  • The PM is expected to overview the whole process of providing recommendation and support the government in institutionalising structural policy interventions. The other associates will be working

Reporting and Communication:

The PM will function under direct leadership of State Programme Manager and in coordination with the Programme Lead.

Opportunities through the Position:

  • Exposure to multiple domains of development sector at both higher and grassroots level
  • Tremendous opportunity to impact the development of the policy of the state in a positive manner.
  • Direct participation with the State government to initiate key structural and policy reforms
  • Opportunity to understand and formulate replicable models of development
  • Functioning in close coordination with the state and district administration
  • Working with highly skilled and proficient teams

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Masters in subjects like Public Policy, Development Studies, Economics, Rural Development,/Statistics, Public Policy and Governance etc.
  • At least 3+ years of work experience in the relevant field/prior experience working on large scale government policies and programmes
  • Excellent communication skills and writing abilities to draft policy memos, working papers etc.

Skills required

  • Synthesis and dissemination through brief presentations with stakeholder management and relationship building
  • Demonstrated ability to analyse rigorous quantitative research, writing and oral presentation skills in English, particularly the ability to communicate technical research to policymakers in a non- technical manner
  • Proven ability to handle multiple assignments at one time, successfully complete assigned tasks and meet deadlines while conducting high-quality work
  • Ability and willingness to travel to rural areas and flexibility to engage and support on-going policy outreach, scoping research and capacity building for on-ground staff

Skills preferred:

  • Prior Experience of managing teams will be a great advantage
  • Awareness about related technical fields including training in macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics etc
  • Flexible, self-motivating, able to manage multiple tasks efficiently, and team player.
  • Experience of working in a governmental and multi donor environment/projects
  • Prior experience working with multi-cultural group of people
  • Polished communication and programme management skills are significantly preferred with the government stakeholders to ensure that the recommendations are adopted and disseminated at each level of the administration.

Location: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Deadline: 10th March 2021

Remuneration: Comensurate with market standard and relevant experience


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