Data and Democracy

Leveraging Data and Technology to deliver development solutions
What is the problem?
Today, most decisions at a district or state level are made based on hearsay. “I heard that we don’t have enough beds and thus we should build more hospitals,” is the usual way in which most decisions are made.Even though the government does collect data, an overworked bureaucracy does not have the bandwidth to analyze the data. This leads to inefficient allocation of resources for development projects. We make critical decision about the rigor of implementation or budgetary distribution based more on what we hear than on objective data.
Why do we use data?
Data brings objectivity and efficiency in the planning, delivery and assessment of development. In an effort to leverage the efficient use of data, Swaniti works with government entities at the Local, State and Central levels to provide data-informed insights to government bodies for delivering better development solutions. Swaniti’s partners have included Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Andhra State Government, several Parliamentarians and esteemed organizations like the Tata Trusts. We have provided data-centric insights in the form of dashboards, briefs and research papers.

Tools for ongoing development

Model Village Dashboard

A one-stop primary data visualization and monitoring tool for elected representatives and district administration to access village level development data for the flagship model village programme- Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

State Specific Dashboards

A state wide customized online dashboard for monitoring developmental metrics to assist in efficient resource allocation, assessment of policy performance and achievement of policy milestones

Information from the Field

 Micro Planning Initiatives
  • Extensive Survey Questionnaire – Government institutions and households
  • Local Language Capability
  • GPS tracking and household level picture database
  • Real-time data availability through cloud storage
  • Big data platform for analytical insights
  • Customized algorithms to interpret the data for policy makers
  • Automated generation of customized village-level plans for handy use

Data Platform for Civic Engagement

Sectoral Analysis – India’s performance across social, economic and other sectors

Party-wise Analysis  – Macroeconomic indicators tracking performance of political parties in power 

State-wise Analysis – Comparative analysis of macro and micro indicators across the States & Union Territories to identify the policies that work

Current Data – Mapping the latest development related data sets across all states and sectors to provide a real-time snapshot

Data Visualizations

Domestic Aircrafts in India



Households Surveyed (*ongoing)

Government Datasets Analysed

Visualizations & Infographics Published