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Way Forward towards Sustainability in 21st CE

New (global) vision of sustainable development governance Although the institutional framework for sustainable development has been the subject of decades’ worth of scholarly and political debate, the process has yet to demonstrate signs of expectations coming together. The issues and political dynamics in the twenty-first century are different from those of 1945 when the United […]

Angular 2: Reading the language of our times

I had been itching to learn a new computing language for quite some time, when a friend told me about Angular 2. I was aware of Angular’s existence for it has been universally praised, and more and more websites were choosing it as their front end language. Even Google has dedicated a team specifically for […]

Breaking the waiting game: Technological tools for increasing access

Delay is a constant road block to development in India. It plagues almost every area of the life of a common man – whether it be getting permits, licenses, justice in courts and so on, and also impacts administration, governance and the effective implementation of development programmes. We, in India, have become used to waiting. […]

Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY): Bridging the perception gap

SAGY is an initiative by the Central Government of India in which honourable Members of Parliament adopt a Gram Panchayat and develop it into a model village or “Adarsh Gram.” As a SPARC (Supporting Parliamentarians in Analysis and Research in Constituency) Associate to honourable Member of Parliament Mr. Anurag Thakur from the parliamentary constituency of […]