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Land Regularization in Andhra Pradesh

Problem In the aftermath of Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976, large tracts of land were frozen or contested under litigation in Andhra Pradesh, which was amongst the last states to repeal the Act. As of 2001, of the total 64,236,796 acres of land 141,363 acres (22%) was under litigation. This has led to severe distortion […]

Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities for Women in Rural India

Problem The involvement of women in the workforce has several benefits. It leads to economic and social empowerment of women, and also improves economic productivity in the long run. In India, participation of women in the labour force is extremely low – only 29% of all Indian women in the working age group are willing […]

Improving School-to-Work Transition Rate in Himachal

Problem Himachal Pradesh is a high performer in education. Some districts can have a literacy rate as high as 89%. The enrolment ratios at school and college levels are also significantly higher than the rest of the country. However, this has not translated into an improvement inskill levels of the workforce. The attendance levels in […]

Inclusive Growth of the Jute Industry in West Bengal

Problem The jute industry is an important contributor to the economy of West Bengal, and also an important source of livelihood for many. However, workers in these jute mills face several challenges. In our interactions with our client, the Member of Parliament, we were asked to identify some of these challenges, and address them without […]