Welcome to Jigyasa: A Story of India Told with Data!

Welcome to Jigyasa: A Story of India Told with Data!

Swaniti Initiative | July 28, 2013 | The Swaniti Blog

Dear Friends:

It is with great excitement that we are launching Swaniti’s Governance Lab website, Jigyasa. Over the course of the past few years, as we have delved deeper in to the Fellowship we have realized how important it is to develop a program that focuses solely on developing a knowledge base. A turning point came for us when last year, one of our client’s expressed to us a strong desire to document all governmental initiatives applicable in his constituency. This conversation sparked the realization that we needed also bridge another gap. The knowledge gap.

In the past few months we have worked to consolidate our learning through our case studies, document successful program models through big ideas, and innovate on new tools of monitoring and evaluation through our infographics. Now we want to bring these to you through our Jigyasa platform!

Much of the work we are doing is pioneering and therefore we anticipate learning and improving as we move forward. For example, we are the first organization in India to create interactive infographics that bring together development indicators and governance.

This site also marks the beginning for many more tools that we hope to introduce and knowledge pieces that we hope to continue publishing. For example, we are in the process of developing Governance tools, programs that will provide further information about developmental initiatives within the government. Also we hope to continue building on our Big Ideas section.

As we move forward we would very much like to welcome any suggestions of feedback that you might have for us.

We appreciate your support with Swaniti so far and very much look forward to hearing from  you about Jigyasa.