Rapid and Sustainable Urbanization Through Smart Cities

Report Overview:

  • In its first budget in July 2014, the Modi government announced its intention to build a 100 smart cities in the coming years. Since then, there has been considerable excitement and curiosity around the idea of a “smart city”.
  • This brief, prepared in July 2014, explores in greater detail, the idea and elements of a smart city. Broadly, it highlights 5 pillars on which a Smart City can be built – which include Smart Economy, Smart People, Smart Environment, Smart Mobility and Smart Living, all of which need to be woven together through Smart Governance.
  • Smart cities could be built using both Brownfield and Greenfield approaches, and both of these have been adopted with varying degrees of success in various parts of the world (as highlighted in the brief).
  • Key elements of the policy framework necessary for the development of smart cities have also been mentioned.