Skill Development in India – Present Status and Recent Developments

Report Overview:

  • India’s demographic dividend is widely believed to be our biggest social and economic asset, with more than 54% of our population younger than 25 years in age.
  • Yet, to fully realize the potential of our youth, it is essential to equip them with skills which are of good quality, affordable, flexible, and relevant to the needs of the Indian and global job market.
  • This brief looks at India’s employment and skill development statistics to highlight the need for skill development in the country. It further analyzes prior government policies and the institutional framework adopted by the government to expedite its “skilling” vision.
  • In particular, the Draft National Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Policy, 2015, includes certain useful provisions for imparting skills to a wider section of our population
  • The brief ends with the latest government schemes and a case study on skill development in India.