Water Awareness Camps

Preventing Flouride Poisoning in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Preventing Flouride Poisoning through Water Quality Awareness Camps in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh


In Prakasam district, as many as 228 villages are identified as fluoride problem villages. About 788 habitations of the 2,342 in Prakasam district are affected by the fluoride-content in water. This was leading to a high incidence of kidney disease amongst villagers.


Awareness  camps were held for villagers across three hamlets, where Do’s and Don’ts on water usage were suggested. The camps also had interactive session where the experts answered the queries of the villagers. A handout consisting of information on Fluorosis disease, symptoms, prevention measures including water usage and food habits was given to the villagers.


The camps were attended by 92 (59M, 22F), 50 (33M, 17F) and 60 (23M, 37F) villagers at the three places respectively.