Analysing Agriculture and Skill Development

Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh



Within the region’s primary sector, agriculture and allied activities constitute 71.1% of the total share. Chhindwara is part of agriculture economic zones (AEZs) for lentils and orange production. India’s very first spice park has been set up in Boregaon, Chhindwara. With the current resources in agriculture sector, the Member of Parliament wanted to explore the possibility of involving more of the youth population through skill development.

A study report was prepared by Swaniti team that aimed to maximise the utilisation of the current resources leading to increasing job opportunities for the youth of Chhindwara. The study suggests that the areas of Agriculture Marketing (AM), Post harvest management for AM and Skill development have potential scope of growth in the region.

Structured Agriculture Marketing: The study states that the creation of mandis and agriculture market produce committee (AMPC) would help create opportunities for farmers, especially marginal and small scale farmers, to increase their income. It would also enable end consumers (local or external) to procure food supplies at a lower rate.

Post Harvest Management: Adequate post harvest management facilities such as scientific storage and food processing are imperative in order for the region to fully realize the potential of its agriculture output and provide avenues for farmers to increase their income.

Skill Development: Lack of finance has been cited as one of the reasons which discourages the growth of the SME sector in Chhindwara. To combat this situation, schemes like Pradhan Manti Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Micro Units Refinance Development and Refinance Agency Yojana can be implemented, which cater to the financing requirements of budding small and micro enterprises.