Land Regularisation

Kukatpally, Andhra Pradesh


After the repeal of the Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976, various government orders were officiated to regularise dwellings on government land, upon the residents producing sufficient proof. However, of the 819 applications submitted to Municipal Revenue Office (MRO), 755 (92%) were rejected.


The team identified cases where applicants were eligible for regularisation, as per the given criteria, and launched an advocacy drive for the acceptance of these applications. Further, after extensive examination of existing processes, the team recommended a modified process for land regularisation, and proposed to institutionalize the process for all future applications. This process included digitisation of all applications to increase transparency and reduce delays.


The  team found 317 cases where applicants were eligible for regularisation. However, only 62 out of these applications had been accepted by the Revenue Department. The advocacy drive to get the additional applications accepted resulted in a 400%+ increase from the earlier 62.