Party Report Card

Indian Economy
Social Security
Social Development

Note : Absence of bar graphs for any particular metric means either lack of data or lack of sufficient data to draw any meaningful inferences

1. Report cards have been generated basis the data available from 1990 till 2012. More information on metrics can be found in the respective individual analysis sections
2. The timelines next to the state represent the duration for which the party was in power in the particular state
3. Some of the parties which were in power in different states during 1990-2012 might not be present in the analysis. E.g. Haryana Vikas Party which was in power in Haryana from 1997 to 1998.
a. The report cards consist of only those parties/metrics for which data points available for at least 2-3 consecutive years
b. For the rest of the parties/metrics, there is either lack of data or lack of sufficient data to draw any meaningful analysis
4. The following are the units used for each of the metrics:
a. GSDP – Percentage
b. Crime & Rape Rate – Percentage increase/decrease when the party was in power
c. IMR – Absolute value
d. Infrastructure Metric (both Healthcare & Education) – Ratio vis-à-vis norms
e. GER and Expenditure Efficiency – Rating
f. Agriculture growth rate percentage – Percentage
g. State wise literacy rate – Percentage
h. Labour Participation Rate, Female – Percentage
i. Gini Coefficient – Absolute value