Our Work

Delivering development solutions to the base of the pyramid by working with government and policy-makers

Swaniti is a non-partisan social enterprise, which works with policymakers and elected representatives to deliver development solutions across the country. The vision of the organization is to create a vibrant, better and inclusive India. It is in line with this vision that Swaniti provides end-to-end solutions, including knowledge support, on-ground implementation and data tools to both Parliamentarians and government officials in order to catalyze development at the grassroots.

We recognised glaring gaps in the system


Insufficient Government Capacity


Insufficient Financial Resources


People left out of the framework

We devised a multi-pronged solution

Working with Parliamentarians


To aid Parliamentarians, Swaniti provides research support, constituency level interventions and data-driven tools, in order to catalyse change on the ground.

To aid Parliamentarians, the Indian government created provisions for

MPLAD: The Local Area Development Fund provides MPs with 5 crore rupees annually to support on constituency development issues.

SAGY: Known as the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana or Model Village program, it is designed for MPs to adopt one Gram Panchayat and aid in transforming it into a model village.

DISHA Committee: MPs are chairpersons of the District Infrastructure Scheme Advisory Committee. The committee is expected to provide oversight on eighteen flagship government schemes within the constituency.

Working with Government


Who are we working with? The administration is the body that is responsible for delivering development solutions. They conceptualize, design and implement programs on ground that could potentially transform the lives of individuals. From ensuring improved access to water, to constructing better homes, the gamut of programs and potential impact can be transformative.
Recognizing that the administration can be a game-changer in delivery of development and is need of support, Swaniti works with various administrative bodies to support delivery of development.

In working closely with the government administration we recognize that they require targeted support in some sectors. Accordingly, the Swaniti team provides key input in areas of:

  • On ground implementations through execution support and project management unit presence
  • Data solutions by providing data driven analytics insights
  • Technology support in building tools and resources


Following are some examples of our work

  • PMU in Jharkhand (Hazaaribagh, Ramgarh and Bokaro)
  • Governance support in Raipur
  • Self Help Groups in Haryana
Swaniti gives parliamentarians like me a great opportunity to harness the talent of professionals in the governance of our respective constituencies, and I can tell you from my personal experience that I have started to benefit hugely from this initiative.” Dinesh Trivedi

Lok Sabha MP (Barrakpore)