Our Work

We work closely with elected representatives and governments across South Asia to bridge the present gaps in governance, administration and execution, with the aim of ensuring that public services of the highest quality reach every citizen

Swaniti is a non-partisan social enterprise, which works with policymakers and elected representatives to deliver development solutions across the country. Swaniti provides end-to-end solutions, including knowledge support, on-ground implementation and data tools, to both elected representatives and government administration in order to improve public service delivery. This is done by mobilising government schemes and programmes, ensuring effective implementation, and maximising their impact. 

We recognised glaring gaps in public service delivery:

We devised a multi-pronged solution:

Swaniti has added real value to my constituency work and policy approaches. They have a team of passionate and committed Fellows who have worked closely and tirelessly with my office and me to provide high quality deliverables. I am very happy and satisfied with their amazing work.

PD Rai

Lok Sabha MP, Sikkim