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About the Organization

Swaniti Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to deliver development solutions by working in partnership with the central, state and local governments. We leverage on ground presence and the use of data and technology tools to strengthen last mile delivery of programs to the most vulnerable populations. We specifically focus on delivering public programs through established institutional mechanisms.


We are looking for a passionate and experienced professional who is keen on taking up a leadership role in the research arm of Swaniti. The chosen candidate shall develop flagship research projects within Swaniti.  The research head would be interacting with senior government officials including Ministers, Secretaries, Joint Secretaries and District Magistrate. The Research Head would be expected to lead a team of researchers in program implementation as well.

Location and Remuneration: New Delhi (competitive to market demands)


  • PhD in Economics, Political Science, development studies or any other Governance related fields are strongly preferred.
  • At least 5-7 years of work experience in research based roles in the development sector.
  • Preference given to candidates who have background of working with government agencies.


  • Responsible for leading the overall research team.
  • Developing flagship content and research products on issues such as ways to increase effectiveness of public programs, explaining flagship government programs, and other topics related to public service delivery and governance.
  • Conceptualize research for a wide range of innovation projects for improved public service delivery.
  • Design and implement impact studies and diagnostic programs that can help evaluate public programs on ground. Support data collecting agencies on the ground and implementing partners.
  • Organizing workshops, roundtables and one-on-one meetings with senior government officials to advise on effective public service delivery tools.
  • Work with the Swaniti team to further the research agenda.


  • Demonstrated research background on issues of governance and public policy.
  • Leadership skills, strong analytical skills, ability to think strategically, analyze diverse information and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly and confidently, articulate issues and recommend solutions.
  • Proven ability to identify innovations and translate them into implementable practices.
  • Strong oral and writing skills in English with effective documentation skills.

To apply, please email your CV and a covering letter (not more than one page) to  

Swaniti Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to deliver public services to the base of the pyramid. We fulfill our mission by focusing on ensuring the availability of social safety net for marginalized communities, strengthening public health delivery systems by building institutions and capacities, creating sustainable livelihood opportunities and aiding communities to adopt renewable energy sources through behavioral interventions. Swaniti has presence in over seventeen states in India and works with governments, multilateral agencies and large foundations. We look at creating impact at scale by leveraging data and technology, developing quality research and maintaining on ground presence. Swaniti is in search of senior managers to help us in this journey.

Swaniti has four core principles that drive our outreach and recruitment process:

  • Commitment toward driving change at scale by working with communities and government
  • Capacity to problem solve dynamically for (even the) most complex and unexpected challenges on the field,
  • Appetite to learn and grow and have willingness to think outside the box and unlearn as required
  • Lead teams with the recognition that we all grow when each of us succeed.

We welcome people from all backgrounds with the following qualifications for the position of Research Associate:
1) Applicants must have at least 5 years of work experience
2.) Applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree (anyone from any background is welcome).
3) Applicants with problem-solving backgrounds will be given preference (for example those who have a demonstrated background consulting, program implementation and project management).
4) Applicants must have led and managed teams
5) Applicants must be passionate about their work and committed to bring change.

For those applicants interested in the position please send your CV and cover letter (explaining your motivation to apply to Swaniti Initiative, as well as your interest in research) to and by January 7th, 2019 . Due to the volume of applications, Swaniti only reaches out to those applicants who are selected for the next round.

Swaniti provides compensation competitive to other social enterprises.

Swaniti Initiative is working in three districts of Jharkhand – Ramgarh, Ranchi and Godda – as the planning and monitoring unit (PMU) for the District Mineral Foundation Trusts (DMFT). The DMFT is set up in all major mining districts of India in accordance with the Mine and Minerals Development and Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2015. It receives a portion of royalties from the mining companies in the district. These funds are thereafter utilized to improve the quality of life of the mining-affected regions and persons. The works undertaken aim to alleviate the negative effects of mining in the mining areas and improve health, education and livelihood prospects. District administrations engage external PMUs in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the DMFT (which mostly lacks full-time employees). The PMU’s also double as general consultants for the district on a wide variety of local projects helping in ideating, designing and implementing different plans for the District Collector. 

Swaniti has an 8 member team in Ramgarh and a 5 member team in Ranchi and Godda. Swaniti currently has openings in Godda and Ramgarh district of Jharkhand for the PMUs. The openings and the relevant job descriptions are attached below. 


Godda District

Project Officer – Finance and Admin (JD)

Data Analyst – cum – Data Entry Operator (JD)


Ramgarh District

Senior Project Officer (JD

    Interested candidates are requested to complete this form. Candidates whose CVs are shortlisted will be contacted within 10 working days. 

    For Technology Jobs please apply at our Partner Organization website: (Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Full Stack Developer, Technology Product Manager, GIS Expert etc.)