COVID - 19 Analysis Series

In these unprecedented times, Swaniti analyses the impact of this pandemic outbreak across the public service delivery chain in the nation.

Livelihood in times of COVID-19: Scope & Opportunities

Climate Change & the Outbreak of Diseases

Equality during a Pandemic
Opinion Piece

COVID-19: The Rise in Human Trafficking

COVID-19: Impact on Employment 

Migrant Workers during COVID-19

Impact on Air Pollution in the National Capital Region

Impact on Agri-Processing Enterprises

Impact on Rural Poor & Economy

Foreign Direct Investment in India – Healthcare

Improving Effectiveness of Welfare Programs

Impact on Migrant Workers in the Gig Economy 

History of Pandemics
Mitigation & Responses

Impact on Migrant Workers in India

Impact on Migrant Workers in the Gig Economy 

Combatting COVID-19 – Utilisation of DMFT

COVID-19: State Approaches & Economic Implications

Measures to Revive the Economy 

Economic Impact of

Legislative Frameworks in India