46% of El Niño Occurrences Since Independence Have Resulted in Drought


The Southwest Monsoon during June–September provides for ~75% of India’s annual rainfall. In India, El Niño is generally feared to cause a depleted monsoon resulting in drought. No such direct link has been established with only 46% of El Niño years resulting in droughts. However, 3 of the last 4 El Niño years have resulted in droughts. Though 2014 was forecasted to be El Niño year, the conditions weakened in July, causing a rainfall deficiency of 12%. However, 2014 was not declared a drought year and the loss in production was only estimated to be 3%. IMD has forecasted that the 2015 monsoon will be 93% normal. Various agencies have indicated high probability (about 70%) for weak El Niño conditions to persist during the 2015 monsoon season. | Click Here for interactive data




India receives about 3000 Billion Cubic Meters quantum of water on average during the monsoon season every year




In India, around 68% of the country is prone to drought in varying degrees, with  33% chronically drought prone




India faced its 3rd worst drought in 2009, when rainfall dipped 22% and 352 districts were drought affected



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