Data and Democracy

Data brings objectivity and efficiency in the delivery and assessment of development. A number of state government and central ministries maintain rigorous Management Information Systems that document the delivery of public services (ex. no. of functioning schools, kilometers of roads built etc.) and consult them in the policy making process.

In an effort to catalyze the efficient use of data, in August 2014 Swaniti embarked on working with government entities at the state and center to bring data insights to government bodies in an effort to deliver development solutions better. We believe that data insights can improve the quality of service delivery for elected officials and government bureaucrats.

Swaniti’s partners in its data work have included Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Andhra State Government and several Parliamentarians. We have provided data centric insights in the form of dashboards, briefs and research papers. While our work expands cross-sectorally, our focus remains on delivering development solutions through Data Insights.

Here are some snap shots of the work we have done.