Bringing together women leaders on development

Providing Insight on Government Programs and Mechnanisms

Learning about District Level Vigilance Monitoring Committee

Our Objective

 The Indian Women Parliamentarians’ Forum (IWPF) brings together women leaders from different parties and regions with the goal of fostering discussions, debates and development around women’s issues. It aims to leverage the substantive experience and insights of women working in the public space to build an environment of mentorship amongst female Parliamentarians and support for future women leaders. Read more here

Gender Perspective

Indian state and central governments launch a series of schemes that work toward gender equality and empowerment. Government officials can effectively leverage these schemes to work toward a better and equitable future. To better understand the “what” and “how” of these initiatives check out the schemes, briefs and data insights.

Leader’s Voice

Women Leaders bring a particularly interesting experiences and insights to development. Through the Indian Women’s Parliamentarians Forum we bring together progressive and passionate female leaders and in the form of roundtables and one-on-one meetings connect with them. To better understand their experiences and insights click here.

In the Public

Indian Women’s Parliamentarians Forum boosts an opportunity to analyze the pressing requirements of female leadership. In the form of blog posts, media articles and interactive multimedia the Swaniti team is documenting these insights and sharing them with the larger public. To better understand our insights please click here.