Swaniti was founded with the belief that strong democratic institutions will lead to delivery of basic services and lift the most vulnerable out of poverty.

Decision makers across South Asia have the desire to deliver sustainable change, but are limited by a lack of human capital, and insufficient data driven knowledge and insight to target the areas it is most needed. Lack of effective networks and communication between key players at a local and national level also acts as a barrier to change.


We believe we have an opportunity to create massive impact by following a 3-fold approach of activating and leveraging the Power of Systems, data and Network.


This Approach combines the in-depth experiences on ground, technology and key decision maker inputs to problem solve the challenges


Our capabilities as an organization – in research, program implementation, and technological innovation – enable us to undertake a range of activities that increase the capacity of politicians, improve governance systems, fight misinformation and improve civic engagement.


Tackling the economic challenges before Modi government 2.0

Tackling the economic challenges before Modi government 2.0

As a new government is voted back in power, there begins a transient shift in the Indian economy, growing in size, scale and inclusiveness for the next five years. In a time like it is imperative that the new government focuses its attention on some major themes with...

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